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Here's our step-by-step guide to our Job Posting submission form.

Don't forget to add a 'Search Results Image' to your posting for better visibility! 

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Here you can post the main text for your job listing. Below is a template - you can edit it as you please, or not use it all. Please note that if copying your job description from another program or website, it may cause issues to the formatting. We recommend first copying it into a word processor and remove all formatting before pasting into the job posting description.

Company Overview:
Brief description of the hiring company or organization.

Job Overview:
Provide a concise overview of the role and its primary responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities:
List the main duties and tasks expected of the successful candidate.

Specify the qualifications, skills, and experience required for the position.

Preferred Qualifications:
Mention any additional qualifications or experiences that would be beneficial but not mandatory.
Specify the location of the job (e.g., city, state, remote).

Salary Range:
Provide a salary range or indicate if it is negotiable.

Outline any benefits or perks offered to employees.

How to Apply:
Provide instructions on how to apply for the position, including any links or contact information.

Application Deadline:
Specify the deadline for submitting applications.

Additional Information:
Include any other relevant information about the job or the company.

Note to Applicants:
Add a brief note thanking applicants for their interest and encouraging them to apply.

[Search Description]
A short description that appears below your title on both the listing page, and the jobs own page.

[Job Type]
[Education Level]
[Experience Level]
[Job Function]
Full Time, Part Time, etc.

Select the highest level of education required for the role.
The rank of the role within your organization.
What the responsibilities of the role work towards, e.g. Customer Service, Finance, Marketing, Sales.

[Posted by]
[Publishing Package]
If you are a Chamber Member, you can select your associated business and the Job Posting will automatically link to your directory listing on our website.
If you are a guest using the Member Portal, you can only use your own name.
Select the standard, 60 day posting.

[Publish Start & Publish End]
Will be automatically populated by the Publishing Package. 

[Search Results Image]
The image that will appear on the job board main page, a logo or a picture of the business would suffice.

[Other Images]
Any other images you'd like to upload to showcase your company to prospective employees. 

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Education Level : Not Applicable

Experience Level : Not Applicable

Job Function : Administrative

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